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26th Apr 2021

Introducing the Battlefield

Welcome to the Ransomware Battleground!

It's not a surprise that as we have become increasingly dependent on the convenience of technology, the potential of getting hacked increases exponentially.

We like our conveniences and we want gratification immediately. But what are the implications of opening our personal and professional lives? What do bad actors want with the our data? How are they creating havoc and how much money and time are we losing to these characters? Do we even own our data anymore? Most importantly, where do we go from here?

Syya Yasotornrat and Poul Frederiksen chat about their background, how they met and what we can expect from Ransomware Battleground.

For more information on sponsor, Airgap Networks, check them out on their KILL SWITCH Here: https://f.hubspotusercontent10.net/hubfs/6848218/Solution%20Brief%20-%20Airgap%20Ransomware%20Kill%20Switch.pdf

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About the Podcast

Ransomware Battleground
All About Ransomware and Security
Ransomware, CyberSecurity & Information Security Hackers, State Actors, OH MY!

Ransomware Battleground hosts, Syya Yasotornrat and Poul Frederiksen investigate the highly topical attacks that Ransomware and its ilk are ravaging organizations big and small today.

If you are a business or IT leader, you can enjoy a digestible conversation to stay on top of the attacks that your organization is always under potential threat. It can get technical, but we're here to put it into laymen's terms and help bring to light the very real dangers of our increasingly digitally dependent society.

Zero Trust may be one of many important layers to keeping your data and money safe!

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Syya Yasotornrat

Syya is a tenured tech sales professional with her time at SonicWALL and Hewlett Packard (HPE) with some hospitality at the Walt Disney Company and IT recruitment experience in the mix. She is currently a podcast strategist and consultant, helping others to bring out their voice and legacy through podcasting. She loves to learn and talk about anything, so feel free to reach out!