Episode 6

Published on:

17th May 2021

Ransomware Trend: Ransomware As A Service (RaaS) Economy

Ransomware has evolved beyond the commodity, widespread attacks intended to infect a single endpoint to include more advanced techniques, such as fileless malware and data exfiltration. One of the biggest drivers behind ransomware’s continued success is the adoption of the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) distribution model.

These new strains of ransomware make prevention and planning more important than ever to prevent ransomware attacks. Concurrently, ransomware authors are increasingly selling access to ransomware as service offerings that increase the number of attackers and the variants of malware.

In this chat, we will:

- Review examples and common denominators of known RaaS attack variants: Ryuk, Lockbit, REvil, Egregor...

- Go over how fast you can detect and neutralize the RaaS propagation

- Understand security data intelligence to configure adaptively for Zero Trust access

- Learn how Zero Trust Isolation to protect your organization against RaaS attacks

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